Kingdom First Productions, LLC (KFP) is owned by Joy L. Ellerbe of Fayetteville, GA. 

Joy is currently a member of Heavens Harvest Ministries, Inc/BAM Church where the Pastor/Founder is Elder Thomas A. Pulliam, Sr. There, Joy is the event planner/manager for the Born Again Movement (BAM) events.

Under KFP, Joy captures the vision from Pastor Pulliam and presents an annual plan of events for BAM. These events which are intended to cover every area of a person’s life include: business & leadership workshops, job resources, Bible Study, community walks, and worship experiences.

Kingdom First Productions also has a few brands that they promote. These brands are an extension of Kingdom First Productions. In Fall 2020, Kingdom First Productions set out to launch the KFP Marketplace. This online store brings all of the brands under KFP to one centralized location just for you. As the KFP Marketplace grows, we're sure you'll definitely be able to find something that you'll be proud use to impact others!