Catalysts '23

Welcome to Catalysts '23 hosted by Kingdom First Productions (KFP)! 
Catalysts '23 is an event for women in Kingdom business, leadership, and community roles who need or seek significant change in their lives as they strive to do God's will. 
Our speakers are all well-equipped to be the catalysts for next-level living in God. Catalysts '23 seeks to provide a safe space (Proverbs 11:14) for women to learn, grow, pray, and fellowship. We hope to inspire the building of lasting Kingdom partnerships and relationships of women who will serve as catalysts in their churches, businesses, communities, and more. 
Catalysts '23
Hosted by: Kingdom First Productions
Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Time: 11AM -12:45PM EST
Location: Live Streamed on Facebook (The Titus II Show)
Catalysts '23 Collaborator Opportunity
For our first event, which is virtual, the vision is to have a Catalysts '23 Collaborator list of 200 members covering various categories and industries all within the Body of Christ. We are excited to have you join us by completing the form below and submitting a $10 donation. You will be added to a list that will reach hundreds of people all over the country! If you have more than one business, or if you have a business and a ministry, complete the form as many times as needed at no additional cost.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: 
Catalysts '23 Collaborator Form Link: 
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Catalysts'23 Host,
Kingdom First Productions

Kingdom First Productions (KFP), owned by Joy L. Ellerbe, is a Christ-centered production company. KFP produces The Titus II Show, Titus II Living Podcast, and The Adventures of Chuma & Specs. With the foundation Scripture being Matthew 6:33, KFP focuses on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through various platforms as God leads. As the steward of KFP, Joy's desire and mission is to serve the Body of Christ as "feet" to God-given kingdom vision by planning and managing events, organizing services, providing oversight in various areas, and providing promotional support. 
Joy is a member of Heavens Harvest Ministries in Alpharetta and LaGrange, GA where the Pastor/Founder is Overseer Thomas A. Pulliam, Sr. 


Our Speakers
Dr. Jennoa R. Graham ("Dr. GNP") is a decisive, driven, ethical, and high-integrity finance professional with a strong focus in technical accounting transaction transparency and business operation efficiency. She provides best practices, continuous improvement solutions, research guidance, operational risk assessment, and internal controls for large to multinational organizations. 
To learn more about Dr. GNP, visit:
Peggy Bodde 
Peggy is a former senior vice president who pivoted into entrepreneurship after twenty years of corporate leadership. She started a freelance writing business and founded Sacred Work, a foundation that equips Christian leaders in the workplace. Peggy's passions are writing about the intersection between faith and work and empowering women to show up boldly in both spaces.
To learn more about Peggy, visit:
Renee Vidor

A recovering 'Comparaholic' and author of 'Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of Comparison', Renee is passionate about empowering Kingdom-minded individuals and organizations to authentically live out 'who' God created them to be so they can run their race to win. Through retreats, workshops, keynote speaking, coaching, mentorship, and the 'Winner's Circle community', Renee provides a safe space to practice, fail, get back up, and celebrate your wins - big and small! 
To learn more about Rene, visit:



Robin Shear
Robin is a keynote speaker, joy coach, and author. She is on a mission to reach the depleted givers of the world and help them have more joy in their buckets so they can feel good again and have something to give FROM. Her audiences include church conference attendees and people who serve in healthcare, human services, affordable housing, long-term care, mental health, and ministry. Prior to this calling, Robin loved serving as a youth pastor, activity director for seniors with dementia, and registered dietitian specializing in eating disorder treatment. She and her husband live in rural Michigan.
To learn more about Robin, visit:
Erica Dvorak 
Erica Dvorak serves Christian working mamas and entrepreneurs as a podcaster, writer, and business and life coach. In leaving corporate America in 2019 to create a life of more joy and margin, she realized she wasn't alone in her overwhelm of juggling it all. She traded working for Fortune 500 companies to build a Kingdom-minded business to help Christian working mamas break free of the overwhelm. Through her Stressed to Joy Transformation Program, one-on-one coaching, and weekly podcast, she’s helped hundreds of women live less stressed, more joy-filled lives while going after their God-sized dreams.
To learn more about Erica, visit:


Our Event Sponsor


Cheryl Bowie-Thomas, Owner
Relax, Release, Renew

Being busy and multi-tasking as wife, daughter, caretaker, etc. 24/7 is not a recipe for high self-esteem, but rather a cauldron for developing a guilty conscience and poor health.

That was Cheryl's premise for creating Relax Release Renew, a 21-year ministry for women.  She wanted to create experiences with a spiritual and mental health focus, encouraging multi-tasking women to not feel guilty for taking care of themselves first, before pouring into others.

Through a combination of one night and rotating beachfront retreats around the United States, she combine coaching, stress management and faith-based skills to encourage a balanced life approach.  Her desire is for women to leave with a deeper connection with God and renewed spirit and energy for life. She is so blessed that in all the work that she does, she truly believes she is living her calling.
To learn more about Relax, Release, Renew, visit:

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